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I think deep down, people know they should forgive the people that have offended or hurt them.

But they honestly, don’t know-how. That’s what I unpack in this book.

I walk you through 5 steps, that if followed, can change the trajectory of your life.

  1. Wanting a better life that comes from a place of discontentment. Then defining what the vision for your life is.  

  2. Going with your gut, which is Cleansing your surroundings and stepping out into the unknown, where fear and anxiety live. Where I coach you through how to overcome it.

  3. Is having an open heart you have to want your freedom more than you want revenge.

  4. Surrendering the outcome, why fight a battle that isn’t yours? I unpack, the peace that faith brings that allows you to push through adversity so you can live to fight another day.

  5. Gratitude: Happiness is a product of gratitude. Everyone that is truly happy understands how happiness and gratitude are different sides of the same sword that is JOY. And you can’t have either while living with bitterness and unforgiveness.

I also go over between steps 3 and 4 the cost of bitterness, taking responsibility for your own life, addressing the self-critic, making a choice, and the waiting room. 

And at the end of the book - Like most married couples, they have faced some adversity in their relationship, just like I have. And I show what forgiveness in marriage looks like. You have to understand how you are made and what each of you brings to the relationship.  Through your past, how you were raised, through the three desires both men and women have, that have been Identified by John and Staci Eldridge, as we start doing the hard work to get there. 

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